TEFL Course


TEFL is a career in its own right
The thought of travelling to a foreign country and living and working there indulges the nomadic spirit for many. The TEFL course is a facilitator and guide for the aspirants who want to embark on a journey towards a global teaching career. It is a ticket to travel worldwide and offers delightful opportunity of teaching English abroad. The TEFL Program is sketched for the people with firm zeal to roam around the world and pursue a career at the same time. If a person is looking to just get started in TEFL or already have teaching experience then a TEFL course whether it is in-class or hybrid is the perfect choice. An EFL/ESL teacher can have many adventurous expeditions while teaching in various parts of the world, but to find teaching positions in many schools a TEFL certification is a must. Teachers or aspiring teachers who loves to travel and explore new cultures will find this a great opportunity to not only gain exposure in international teaching but also get paid to embark on an exciting adventure abroad. TEFL is a career in its own right, with opportunities for professional development in many related paths. With TEFL one can travel around the world and make a significant difference in the lives of others.

3 weeks premium TEFL in-class course
The 3 weeks premium TEFL in-class course offered by Asian College of Teachers allows the aspirants to turn teaching English abroad into a lifelong career. The course is crafted by highly knowledgeable accomplished trainers. The well planned course curriculum and real time classroom teaching experience give the aspiring ESL teachers a boost to face any ESL class with self assurance across the world. The 3 weeks course includes a real time teaching practice in a local school. The candidates will be jointly certified by the famous London School of Teaching and Training (LSTT) and Pebble Hills University (PHU). The candidates can also get an extra certificate from renowned College of Birmingham (COB). The program takes place at different times of a year. The applicant can opt for this program in some of the exotic locations in India and Thailand - Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore and Bangkok. A graduate from any discipline can go for this course to gain in-depth understanding about the contemporary methodologies used in EFL teaching for different age groups.

TEFL Hybrid course
TEFL Hybrid course, a perfect blend of online and in-class training, is offered by Asian College of Teachers which is meticulously crafted for the TEFL aspirants who are inclined to teach and travel around the world. The flexibility of the course makes it available both in in-class and online mode. The 5 days in class mode comprises of in-class training and real time teaching practice in a local school. While the in class course can be obtained in Kochi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi in India and Bangkok in Thailand the online course can be availed from any part of the world at any point of time. Any graduate with a flair for English language can opt for this course. The course is beneficial for not only aspirant TEFL teachers but also for experienced teachers who want to upgrade their EFL/ESL teaching skills.