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TEFL India, TESOL India, ESL Jobs India

India is a country of diversity; the TEFL course India of American TESOL Institute gives the candidates a chance to explore this magical land. ATI combines the TESOL course in exotic locations of Kochi and Kolkata with teaching internship in India. There are options of both paid and volunteers internships for ESL teachers who would join the TESOL course in India. The TEFL course fee of ATI in India is just

TESOL course India Kochi, Kolkata & Bangalore
The teachers are trained in the basic teaching skills during the three weeks of TEFL course. For teaching English, the teachers in India require an accredited TEFL certificate. After successful completion of the TEFL certificate course, the teachers are places in corners of India. The intense TESOL course of three weeks teaches the teachers necessary skills to teach ESL in India and in other countries. It helps in enhancing the language ability, skills of teaching and the vocabulary of the learner so as to guide the learner to successfully teach English all over the world.

Travel and teach in India
India with plethora of natural and cultural marvels attracts huge number of tourists each year. During the TESOL course, in India the teachers will be able to travel to various tourist destinations, tingle their taste buds with the wide assortment of spices and experience the most exotic culture.

Packages by American TESOL Institute
American TESOL Institute offers two kinds of internship packages for the TEFL course candidates.

ATI has an internship package exclusively for foreigners. The package includes various attractive travel packages, volunteer internship and TEFL course at any of our locations. The volunteer internship can be in any part of India. The teachers will not be given any salary but will be provided food and accommodation. If exploring India is on your mind along with the most important TESOL course, there is nothing better than this special package of ATI.

If you are not interested in teaching ESL in India, you can also try internship in Thailand. However, not all the ESL teachers are eligible for this course. American TESOL Institute also has special packages for teachers interested in paid internships in India.
Our jobs or employment or prospects for graduates of various programs are excellent. You will find English Teaching job opportunities throughout the world, from Italy to South Korea, France to Thailand. There are literally thousands of English Teaching jobs abroad for certified EFL teachers.



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