Bachelor of Education in TESOL


Program Overview

Gain professional expertise in teaching English to speakers of other languages and learn the updated ESL teaching techniques and methodologies. The bachelor of education in TESOL program will prepare youto teach English successfully. The undergraduate program in TESOL teaches students on topics like comprehension of grammar, language awareness, linguistics, ESL teaching methodology, and language skills.

This Bachelors of Education program in Teaching English as a Second Language will prepare you to acquire knowledge on language acquisition and learning. Moreover, it will qualify you to teach a subject of your choice and be equipped with language-enhancing digital technologies withworld leading curriculum of ESL teaching. A degree in Bachelor’s of Education in Teaching English will also train you in the greater skills in teaching English to young learners and adults by incorporating methods other than English.

A Bachelor of Education in TESOL will open a bag full of opportunities both within your country and internationally. Furthermore, a TEFL degree will acquaint you with the skills required to teach English to speakers of other languages across all age groups, professional learning, and cultural backgrounds.

Key points

The Bachelor of Education program in teaching English and language learning teaches you various ESL approaches and methodologies. It also serves as a basic guideline for both aspiring and working ESL teachers.
History of the English language with its main focus on the development of the English language and how the past cultural and social events gave birth to the “English language” today.
How the structure and forms of a language make the teacher aware of the differences in languages and enhance learning with technology giving an overview of varied perspectives regarding digital technology and pedagogy.
Introduction to linguistics and various methods of teaching English as a second language with a prime focus on 4 language skills, Grammar, Phonology & vocabulary.
A synopsis of the role of English Grammar in ESL classroom with an introduction to Phonetics and Phonology.
After the completion of the course, you will get certified by the Asian College of Teachers affiliated with European International University (EIU).

You will build a strong foundation in subjects of TESOL education to build your ESL career. The English language learning programs at ACT have been developed keeping the requirement of adult learners in mind. The Bachelor’s degree in TEFL is flexible enough to suit all kinds of timetables. Since online learning is slowly becoming a suitable alternative to on-campus study doing a TEFL degree in an online mode will allow you the benefit of studying remotely, at a university situated in another country!

We handle the case of every adult learner with a different background and profile individually. Reach us to get your questions answered and then you can apply for admission. Kindly remember ACT does not provide visa and immigration services as all our degree programs can be pursued at home.

Admission to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in TESOL is eligible for students from all disciplines.

High School (10+2)
Recognised Bachelor Degree in any field or equivalent level
Previous learning credits are available
English Level – IELTS Level 5.0 or High School study of all subjects in English or at least 55% marks in English in your High School is desired
Basic knowledge of the Internet and browsing, MS Word, and Online Research skills will be preferred.

All our B.Ed. programs under the Faculty of Education comprise three different parts:

Part One – Foundation Course with 0 credits and 6 Subjects
Part Two – The core Program has 50 credits and 10 Subjects
Part Three – Specialization of Subjects, has 40 credits divided into 8 Specialized subjects

To achieve a degree in the program of study a student must do the following:

Complete and successfully pass Foundation, Core, and Specialization as mentioned in the program specification.
Achieve a score of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each subject.
Complete the whole program in a minimum duration of 18 months and a maximum duration of up to 36 months. The student needs to pay a maintenance bench fee after 42 months for additional months of extension. Students can attend 6

Foundation (30 credits Optional)

Communication Strategies
Digital Literacy
Becoming a better learner
Critical Thinking
Research Skills & Conducting Accurate Internet Research

Core (50 credits )

Foundations of Education
Instructional Methods
Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation in Education
Professional Ethics in Education
Educational Technology
Issues and Trends in Special Education
Psychology of Learning
Research Methods in Education
Introduction to Counselling
Approaches to Classroom Management

Specializations (100 credits)

Introduction to the World of TESOL
Methods and Techniques of Teaching English as a Second Language
Role of English Grammar in ESL Classroom
Language Awareness
TESOL Material and Language Development
Lesson Planning and Classroom Dynamics
Sounds of English
Use of Technology in Education

To be able to teach English online with TEFL certification, a student must accomplish the following things first:

Complete and successfully pass Foundation, Core, and Specialization as prescribed in the program specification.
Obtain a score of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each subject
Complete the full program of study in a minimum duration of 18 months and a maximum duration of up to 36 months. After 42 months duration from the enrolment date, the student would need to pay a maintenance bench fee for additional months of extension.
Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.
Trainees are awarded a Bachelor of Education degree in TESOL by the well-known European International University.


Asian College of Teachers (ACT), an award-winning TEFL training institute with a strong global presence and a 600+ school network in Asia, provides a research-led, broad range of internationally recognized TEFL courses that prepare globally competent teachers and leaders.

ACT provides a world-class, international higher education curriculum in Education led by an Academic Body comprising highly qualified and internationally accomplished educators and industry experts.
ACT's higher education programs are duly validated and certified by The European International University, EIU-Paris.
Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is affiliated with The European International University, EIU-Paris.
Students successfully completing ACT's cutting-edge international education curricula will receive ACT's certification of completion as well as the Bachelor’s, Masters, or Professional Doctoral degree from The European International University, EIU-Paris.
The European International University, EIU-Paris is a private, independent higher education provider. Read More
EIU – Paris, is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.
The European International University, EIU-Paris is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).
EIU-Paris is duly authorized as a Professional Training service provider in accordance with Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE.
EIU – Paris holds organizational membership with CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMICS, a U.K. and Wales registered R&D organization whose sole purpose is to enhance the visibility of research themes beyond global approaches and coverage.
ACT is a member of CPD Certification Service UK and ACT courses are accredited by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) and endorsed by NCC Education, an Ofqual-regulated awarding organization and a global provider of a British education.

There are different payment options that you can avail of. Payments can be made via Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, or Cash at our Global Centers.

Total fee

2750 USD – If Paying from the USA or paying in USD
2400 GBP – If Paying from UK or EU
93,000 Thai Baht – If Paying in Asia
200,000 INR– If Paying in India

All fees are inclusive of tax. Fees include all: Program of study, LMS access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript. Courier charges are applicable for Diploma and Transcript dispatch to your country. Certificate Notary and Apostille charges are separate from the USA. Please contact your admission adviser for more details.

Students of the Asian College Of Teachers can avail of tuition scholarships and financial help for its online learning degree programs. The tuition scholarship fund for distance learning degree programs will be granted based on the policy and the Dean's office from time to time. Upon request, ACT may offer you: Academic Scholarships, Athletic Scholarship, Creative Scholarships, and Community Service Scholarship

Refund Policy

After registering, the students are responsible for opting out of any course they do not want to attend.
If you have enrolled in the program and want to immediately pull out before any access has been granted – you will get a refund of 50% of the tuition fee
No refund will be provided to students who have received course access and have already started with the program from ACT
Read all Terms and Conditions before making payments
Processing of Refunds make take up to 3 months

With excellent skills in teaching English to speakers of other languages using digital technology, you will become more employable. There are sufficient career opportunities that a TEFL graduate can opt for. Starting from a career in language teaching and language curriculum toprogram management in public schools, private schools, tertiary institutions, etc.opportunities are ample. All you have to do is just pursue a minimum of 120-hours TEFL certification program and you will be swimming in a realm of opportunities.

Additionally, you can also find a job as a language teacher, language developer or advisor, curriculum designer, policy advisor, language resource developer, or TESOL program director. You can secure good jobs in schools, colleges, and universities in your country and abroad. You can further build your career in TESOL with our Masters in Education with TESOL and Doctorate degree. There is no shortage of opportunities in the fields of teaching and research for specialists in TESOL.