A great way to travel the world while working in a rewarding and profitable field is to seek Asian College of Teachers Certification. A career in the world of ESL teaching as a skilled and TESOL certified teacher is considered to be one of the most rewarding modes of earning. A TESOL certificate from Asian College of Teachers possess the power to initiate a fervent teaching career for those native English speakers who have the knack to transfer the basic language skills to the speakers of other languages. Career as an ESL teacher also mean ample opportunities to travel and get fully drenched in diversified culture, heritage across the world. ACT’s TESOL certificate acts almost as a passport to teaching abroad.

By the virtue of being a graduate from Asian College of Teachers, one gains the unparalleled opportunity to further his/her career goals. Whether you are planning to teach long term, on a contractual basis, or just want to have the option for job placement anytime in the future, ACT graduates receive lifetime support.

The TESOL Café is a very powerful medium of certification and job placement. This audio-visual mode of placement assistance intelligently uses web space to feature videos from across the globe. Participants have the option to post their video resume for thousands of employees worldwide. These video resumes are extremely interactive and more effective than the clichéd modes of job search.

Yet another immensely creative technique of boosting one’s ESL teaching career is through Teach English Online with ACT and InterPark Communications. Live Tutor is where you can instantly create your own space to teach knowledge and experience to ESL students. After registering as a tutor, you post your program for students to find and enroll. All lessons are performed live using a WebCam and HeadSet.

TEFL Careers

Teaching can be one of the most life changing experiences. Teachers have immense influence on the life of their students. Teaching gives you the opportunity to touch lives. Teaching is a vocation rather than a profession and you never know what it is till you have experienced it. Managing a class with individuals each more unique than the other can be more challenging than managing a company. Every single day brings in new situations and experiences that enrich your life. However it takes a little hard work, preparation and commitment to make a success out of it. A TEFL Career gives you the opportunity to experience all of this with the added advantage of teaching abroad. Immersing and assimilating cultures, languages and societies vastly different from your own. Teaching EFL can mean much more than spending a gap year abroad - and teachers with good qualifications and experience can build a rewarding and diverse career for themselves.

What prospective employers are looking for:

  • TEFL Certification - TESOL or equivalent
  • Native English Speaker or equivalent ability
  • Education to degree level or equivalent qualification
  • Sensitive to cultures and interpersonal skills

Teaching English does not mean being restricted to a teaching career in schools. However within the school you have age groups ranging from 3 to 16 years, so it is up to you to choose the age level you are comfortable with. Apart from school teaching the other places that a TEFL Career can help you enter are:

Language Schools - these are not regular schools but language centers that teach English to students of all ages after school or office hours. The programs or courses on offer may be twice or thrice a week for 1 to 2 hours for 3 to 6 months. You may be paid hourly on a part time basis or be absorbed as a full time faculty.

Corporate Training – Commerce and trade have really gone multinational and there is a growing need for business people to negotiate and liaison with people from different parts of the world. It is an accepted fact that English is the language of commerce in the present world and therefore the demand for learning English within the corporate sector.

Companies want their employees to communicate effectively, make clinching presentations and close deals and in order to do so they have to enhance their English skills. So corporate trainers who teach business English are highly paid professionals and TEFL training is the only qualification required for the job.

Voice and Accent trainers - Everyone is aware of the BPO industry and the droves of employees it attracts. But the down side is most of the callers do not have the required level of English or their English has a strong regional influence. As a result most of their customers are unable to follow their accent. English teachers with a native accent are sought after to help train these callers in a neutral accent or a native English accent. Techniques you have learnt on the TEFL/ TESOL course helps you to help others acquire the right accent and speaking skills.

Soft skill trainers - in a world of cut throat competition it is imperative to be able to present oneself properly. How to face an interview, what is the correct way to dress, how to make small talk, what is considered to be polite and what is not, what are table manners? All this and much more are components of soft skills. You along with communication skills can be instrumental in changing lives.

So if you have a TESOL certification then move on and find the right place for yourself and if you haven’t then contact Asian College of Teachers now