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Web-based Live Online Seminars

Asian College of Teachers offers an array of live online seminars in India aimed at aspirants willing to upgrade their skills from the convenience of their home. A study shows that 92% participants consider these virtual seminars/webcasts to be an effective learning medium and around 78% trainees express the desire to attend these sessions in the future too. ACT, a research driven institute, has designed and developed a series of live online seminars which aim to cover the emerging trends and topics in the field of teacher education.

Apart from saving time and cost, the sessions have been designed to fit the needs of aspiring/working teaching professionals and to provide the opportunity to attend live classes, interact and collaborate with peers, have live interaction with trainers and participate in various activities. All these are to be done with the use of video conferencing technology.

The live online sessions have been specifically designed to hone and upgrade existing skills of global educators, trainers, administrators, school managers etc. on the professional front, without having any locational boundaries. ACT’s webcasts comprise of online course access and online assignments along with interactive sessions which caters to both aspiring as well as working teachers. The topics provide a clear and practical aim of helping participants to enhance their teaching skills and become an effective teaching professional in global classrooms.

The live online seminars in India are apt for today’s teaching professionals, consultants and anyone related to the education sector who are eager to develop new skills to remain updated and match global teaching standards. We also provide placement webinars for our trainees to keep them updated with the latest job requirements in the market.

Why should you attend?

Live online seminars are apt for aspiring/working teaching professionals
Get the opportunity to attend live classes
Communication via chat messaging
Individual attention to one and all
Take part in collaborative activities with trainers & peers virtually
Attend sessions from anywhere as per your convenience
Web based seminars are cost-effective with increased productivity
Promotes learning among participants without time-consumption & costly commutes
Varied lesson plans & other resources provided for effective learning
Online assignments as well as assignments given by trainers
Record lectures to be viewed later
Learn about the ways to manage a class full of diverse learners
Get a grip on the knowledge of the various job roles and opportunities

Who will conduct the live online seminars?

The web-based online seminars in India will be conducted by our skilled and certified trainers who are accomplished trainers abroad. For placement webinars, we have our placement head conducting the session for our participants.

Who are these live online seminars for?

The webinar-based programs specifically aim at those with a passion for teaching and making a mark in the education sector. The live-online sessions cater to:

Graduates fresh out of universities
Youngsters looking for a job in the field of education/teaching sector
Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
Experienced teachers or retired professionals looking for greater exposure
Individuals willing to re-start their career in the field of education

Advantages of Live online seminar

Save your cost by no longer travelling to different cities
Avail multiple interactive sessions with our expert trainers
Interact and collaborate with your fellow peers
Webinar‐based training develops trainee knowledge and skills
Varied lesson plans and other resources provided for effective learning

Gamification and Learning

A comparatively new educational approach, gamification is used to motivate learners to learn using designs of video games and other game elements in the learning environment. The main aim of using gamification is to foster learning among the students by developing their interests and creating maximum engagement along with motivating them to continue their learning. The web session will discuss all these and much more in detail to let our participants gain thorough knowledge on it.

Topics covered

Gamification – Is it necessary?
Impact of gamification on learning
Application of gamification to learning outcomes

Upcoming Batch :Coming soon

Phonology for ESL/EFL Teachers

Phonology is an important part of language teaching and while teaching English as a Second/Foreign language, pronunciations and identification of sounds can be heavily influenced by a variety of factors and these factors will help ESL/EFL teachers to contemplate and analyse the difficulties and needs of the learners and accordingly plan the lessons and instructions effectively. Each learner has his/her own experiences over the language and this live online seminar will help you to identify the needs of the learner and the factors affecting their English pronunciation and device some effective methods and techniques to enhance English pronunciation.

Topics covered

Sound of Language
Phonology & Phonetics
Phonemic Awareness
Teaching Pronunciation to students
Phonetic Transcription for Teachers

Upcoming Date : 4th March, 2022 | 3pm - 6pm (IST)

Elements of Visionary Leadership - Strategic Institution Management and Decision-making

Visionary leadership is a form of transformational leadership. In this webinar you will get acquainted with the role of leadership with an emphasis on the six principles of 21st Century leadership style. The webinar covers the vital elements of visionary leadership like leadership model and strategy, decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking. There will be case studies for better understanding.

Upcoming Batch :13th March, 2022 | 10 am - 1 pm (IST)

Art and Music Therapy

Research shows effective art and music therapy yields maximum results and has been used extensively to enhance individual development and growth. This type of therapy has been shown to help children with special needs. Art and music positively affect the mood, cognition and behavior of children with varying disabilities, and those with autism, speech impairments, ADD/ADHD or other mental and behavioral health conditions. The therapy helps children to effectively communicate, improves their concentration levels and behaviours and helps develop closer relationships. Art and Music are commonly used tools for both teachers and learners in inclusive classrooms as those facilitate inclusion of students with disabilities. Today’s educators are resorting to this powerful tool of art and music therapy to make learning effective and helping children to flourish cognitively and developmentally. If you are part of the teaching profession or handling special children then you must join our webinar on Art and Music Therapy.

Upcoming Batch : 12th March 2022
Session Duration : 10 am to 1 pm (IST)

Issues in teacher development and managing innovations in schools

Teacher development is an important part of every learning institution and so is innovation. While teacher development is a continuous process, innovations also don’t happen overnight. Both are deliberate activities and have to be worked on and in order to build a superior school culture, the school staff needs to be favourable towards innovation. Learn how innovation can be implemented in the context of the 21st century teaching-learning process.

Upcoming Batch: 27th March, 2022 | 10 am - 1 pm (IST)

Managing Human Resources with a focus on Motivation, Appraisal, Evaluation and Feedback

Know all about the nitty-gritty of human resource management and learn how strategic human resource management has a positive outcome. In this live online workshop we will cover areas like motivation, appraisal, evaluation and feedback focussing on the 4 Motive Model. Learn the differences between evaluation and feedback and how to evaluate and give feedback to your teachers while you master the strategies of teacher appraisal.

Upcoming Batch: 10th April, 2022 | 10 am - 1 pm (IST)
Certification: Certification: Participants of the Seminar will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT).


Research suggests that integrating science with technology and Math in simple daily lessons for students strongly supports the development of scientific literacy. Countries around the world have implemented STEM education right from early childhood. Today’s schools are trying to integrate STEM education into their curriculum but in order to do so the teachers need to be equipped with the skills and must have an understanding of the STEM education. Our webinar is focussed on making STEM learning fun for young children and develop skills in teachers who can encourage learners to think critically, logically, and creatively in a stimulating learning environment.

Topics covered:

2C's in Curriculum with STEM
The "Q" Factor in the STEM process
Observation Centre and its importance
Integration of disciplines and subjects
How to create a STEM unit in your regular curriculum or course?

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon
Trainer:Ms. Manju Chakrawati

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for Inclusive Classroom Teachers & Parents

Asian College of Teachers has designed a live online session on Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for Inclusive Classroom Teachers & Parents with the purpose to provide concrete knowledge on developing IEP to teachers and parents dealing with special children. IEP is actually a process that includes inclusive classroom teachers, parents, special educators. Designing IEP calls for a lot of understanding and effort and this collaborative activity emphasises to foster interaction and share responsibility for the main aspects of IEP design including planning, setting academic goals and sharing accountability for outcomes. Each student’s IEP is projected to guide educators towards the understanding and meeting the particular needs that originate from their disability and thus, helping in the transition to the general educational program. This webinar focuses on the crucial aspects of IEP, ranging from the purpose and components of IEP, stages of development of IEP, role of special educators to parents to latest information and resources in IEP development.

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon
Trainer:Sharmistha Chakraborty (RCI registered)

Managing Stress/Anxiety

As an essential part of teaching, Classroom Management session approaches and acquaints teachers with various ways of effectively using time by instilling discipline and order in a classroom environment so as to get maximum time for instructions. Those who are not trained in classroom management techniques spend a greater part of their time handling troubled situations in a classroom, leading to decreased time for educational instruction and interaction in a class. Hence, our webinar on Classroom Management will surely add to your knowledge on managing learners to create an atmosphere fit for learning.

Topics covered

General Idea
Know your learners
Engaging, Motivating & Managing learners in the 21st Century
Managing behaviour in the inclusive classroom

Upcoming Date : Coming soon

Teacher Burnout & Emotional Well-being

Teaching is a rewarding profession but most teachers are affected by burnout feelings and emotional exhaustion at some point or the other. Teacher burnout is given a lot of consideration these days. This live online seminar will reveal the ways to cope efficiently with such work-related stress and how to prevent teacher burnout.

The live online includes the following topics:

Symptoms of Teacher Burnout
Causes of Teacher Burnout
Prevention of Teacher Burnout
Maintaining Emotional Well-being
Supporting Mental Health for Teacher-Student Well-being
Importance of Emotional Health in the Teaching Profession

Upcoming Date: 22nd April, 2022 | 3pm - 6pm (IST)

Assessment for/as learning: But . . .are they learning?

Assessment has a major role to play in the process of teaching and learning. Assessment aids in understanding student learning, identifies invisible obstacles and helps to enhance the teaching approaches. Assessment not only benefits the students but also the teachers as well. Assessment can actually provide insight into the teaching learning process and can help to bring in useful changes in curriculum, teaching methodologies, study materials etc. There are various types of assessments and today’s teachers must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the varied assessment methods.

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon

Session Duration: Coming soon

Questioning Techniques for Teachers

An Individualized Education Plan (or Program), also known as an IEP is a plan or program developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability, who is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution, receives specialized instruction and related services. The IEP creates opportunities for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel and students (when appropriate) to work together to improve educational results for children with disabilities. The IEP is the cornerstone of a quality education for each child with a disability.

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon

How to Incorporate Design Thinking into Your Units and Lessons

Design thinking provides teachers with a very useful and versatile tool that can be used in any classroom to get students using creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Design thinking is a 5-step process that helps students empathize with a person, community, or situation, define limitations, brainstorm ways of solving a problem or improving something, create a plan, prototype, or proposal, and finally testing how the plan or prototype works. Design thinking is a useful tool for all teachers of primary, secondary, and higher education. It is for subject teachers and language teachers. Design thinking can be used for single lessons or as a blueprint for a project.
Upcming Batch: Coming soon

21st Century Instructional Strategies

The topic on 21st century Instructional Strategies and their implementation in an EFL/ESL Classroom focuses on the instructions that an EFL/ESL teacher has to master planning to teach today’s learners in an English language classroom. The session emphasizes on 21st century instructional strategies along with 4C's, KWL, 6 thinking hats, etc. and many more that are necessary for the 21st century EFL/ESL teachers to be aware of.

Topics covered

21st century teaching skills
Characteristics of a 21st- century teacher
21st century teaching and learning – the challenge faced by teachers Preparing learners for twenty-first century competencies
21st century teaching curriculum – Innovation at the core (connection between ICT - literacy skills, technology tools, and the learning goals of core subject areas)
Evaluation and assessment frameworks for improving school outcomes

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon

Value Based Education

The topic on 21st century Instructional Strategies and their implementation in an EFL/ESL Classroom focuses on the instructions that an EFL/ESL teacher has to master planning to teach today’s learners in an English language classroom. The session emphasizes on 21st century instructional strategies along with 4C's, KWL, 6 thinking hats, etc. and many more that are necessary for the 21st century EFL/ESL teachers to be aware of.

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon

Student-led Learning

The topic on 21st century Instructional Strategies and their implementation in an EFL/ESL Classroom focuses on the instructions that an EFL/ESL teacher has to master planning to teach today’s learners in an English language classroom. The session emphasizes on 21st century instructional strategies along with 4C's, KWL, 6 thinking hats, etc. and many more that are necessary for the 21st century EFL/ESL teachers to be aware of. Topics covered

Making the participants familiar with the importance of instructional strategies
Introduction to 21st century instructional strategies
Hands-on activities to understand their practicality (4C's, KWL, 6 thinking hats, etc.)
Implementation of the strategies in a language learning class (ESL/EFL)

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon

Happy Classroom for Face to Face and Online Learners

One of the major concerns for today’s teachers is the well-being of learners and research shows that happy children have the capability to learn and perform better with higher grades. So, a happy classroom has a solid impact on the overall performance of the learners. Hence, emphasising happiness in today’s classrooms is a must and therefore, every educator is required to master the tricks and strategies to aid in student motivation, positivity and happiness. ACT’s live online seminar on Happy Classroom for Face to Face and Online Learners revolves around the idea of developing a learning environment that will take care of the holistic development of a child in a safe environment where learners become part of a joyful learning experience.

Ingredients and Key Principles of Happy Classroom.
Why is it the need of the hour? Its importance for teachers & the students.
How to use tricks and strategies to make learning joyful.
New Era of online learning and its challenges for a teacher & the student.

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon
Trainer : Ms. Ruby Verghese

Impactful Training Design & Delivery

If you are in the training division of your organization or even in a supervisory role and trying to develop your people, then the best way to do justice to your position is by acting as a mentor to the professionals in the organization and learning about their individual strengths and improvement areas. Impactful Training Design & Delivery is a 1-Day interactive live webinar by Centre for Training and professional Development (CTPD) – a division of Asian College of Teachers, especially designed for the next Gen Corporate Trainers, Soft Skill Trainers, HR Trainers, Managers with training responsibilities who require specialized training covering the best practices and up-to-date techniques in designing and delivering impactful training for the workforce

The live online workshop includes the following topics:

Utilizing existing learning resources
Benefits of effective documentation
Construct learning activities
Select & use 21st century presentation strategies & techniques

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon...
Session Duration: Coming soon...

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring have become the buzzwords in the field of learning and development. Research suggests that there is an exponential increase for coaching and mentoring skills in those holding managerial and leadership positions. These techniques are a critical component in increasing your employees’ productivity, which pave the way for significant positive change throughout an organization. Centre for Training and Professional Development (CTPD) offers Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring to impart training in skill development in the said areas and is perfect for learning professionals like trainers, instructional designers and organizational development practitioners and will also benefit managers and human resource professionals.

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon

The live online session on designing e-learning environments has been developed to equip aspiring or working teaching professionals with knowledge that will help them to face the challenges of designing e-learning environments. The web session imparts requisite knowledge to facilitate learning experiences with an emphasis on grounded practice. It also provides an opportunity to explore, see examples and practice the skills needed to develop design and delivery digital learning. This program emphasises on e-learning, virtual learning and blended learning concepts, frameworks and best practices.

The live online workshop includes the following topics:

Virtual Classroom – Benefits and challenges
Adapting as learning Professionals
Selecting Technology for your Virtual Training
Designing the Virtual learning platform
Develop the platform and considerations
Developing Activities for Virtual Training
Creating Visuals for Virtual Delivery

Upcoming Webinar Batch : Coming soon Session Duration : Coming soon

Teacher Burnout & Emotional Well-being

Teaching is a rewarding profession but most teachers are affected by burnout feelings and emotional exhaustion at some point or the other. Teacher burnout is given a lot of consideration these days. This webinar will reveal the ways to cope efficiently with such work-related stress and how to prevent teacher burnout.

The live online seminar includes the following topics:

Symptoms of Teacher Burnout
Causes of Teacher Burnout
Prevention of Teacher Burnout
Maintaining Emotional Well-being
Supporting Mental Health for Teacher-Student Well-being
Importance of Emotional Health in the Teaching Profession

Upcoming Batch: 22nd April, 2022
Sessions: 3pm - 6pm (IST)

Design, Develop and Deliver a Memorable Presentation

Learn how to hook your audience and play to your strengths while giving a presentation. Make your presentation memorable which can touch your audience’s minds and hearts. Let the presentation resonate with your audience. Know the right techniques with us.

Upcoming Batch : Coming Soon
Session Duration : Coming Soon

Social Emotional Learning for Young Learners

Teachers must have a clear understanding of the fact that Social Emotional Learning affects the children’s overall growth and development. They must develop skills to provide children with social emotional learning which they can apply in classrooms while interacting with their peers. This is becoming an essential part of today’s curriculum for young children offering them the opportunity to practice these skills during their play activities - to learn to work in teams, resolve conflicts etc. The webinar covers the Five Core Competencies of SEL along with the Ruler approach and varied activities to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to teach SEL in many ways and across settings.

Topics covered:

Overview of SEL – The Five Core Competencies
Self -management
Relationship skills
Responsible decision making
The RULER Approach
Building Caring Communities
Classroom activities that promote SEL
Take a moment for now – practice mindfulness

Upcoming Batch : 8th April, 2022
Upcoming Batch : 3pm - 6pm (IST)

Integrating ICT into Primary Education

Incorporating ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) into the 21 st century classroom, especially in the pre and primary section has become an integral part of today’s education norms and practices precisely because pre and primary education is the foundation that prepares the young learners for lifelong learning and their holistic development. Therefore, it becomes equally important for every teacher to know the learning activities to be adopted based on the relevant approaches of ICT to make effective use of it in the classroom and make lesson plans using it for your young learners. Enrol for this live-online seminar with ACT and brush up your knowledge and skills on ICT to learn its use on your teaching techniques in the classroom!

Topics covered:

How to create a learning environment with the help of ICT in pre-primary and primary grades?
What kind of learning activities to be adopted based on the subjects and languages to be taught?
Creation of lesson plan or unit
How many different tools will you introduce in an academic year? How many is too many?

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon...
Session Duration: Coming soon...
Trainer: Ms. Manju Chakrawati

Teachers must develop effective counselling skills

Today’s teachers have to perform multiple roles and one of the crucial is that of a guidance counselor. Although this seems to be a new addition to the teacher’s role but the nature of this role can be traced as far back as Socrates. Teachers find it difficult to slip into this mentorship role but a comprehensive training makes this transition easier as it equips teachers in counselling skills. Our webinar on “Teachers must develop effective counselling skills” aims at empowering teaching professionals by developing their counselling skills so that they have a better understanding of the issues their learners face and gain the trust of the students to make the teaching and learning process effective.

Upcoming Batch : Coming soon...
Session Duration: Coming soon...

Trainer Profile:
Dr. Mala (Dasgupta) Sengupta - Founder and CEO of “ANUBHAV” Institution
Recipient of International School Awards, 2018 for Best Teaching
25 years' experience as a teacher and examiner
Served as Head of the Department of English as well as the Controller of Examination with an ICSE/ISC school

School Leaders/Coordinators as Curriculum Managers

Trainer: Dr Thomas Miller
Today’s school leaders, principals, vice-principals, academic coordinators play a vital role in facilitating the educational process. Curriculum development remains an important area for them as their role is imperative in providing proper guidance to the teachers to improve the learning experiences of the students. Those in school leadership roles must take responsibility in curriculum management and create a supporting learning environment for all types of learners. Planning a new curriculum, implementing the best practices and assessing the outcomes are key areas to look into. Our webinar helps you take a deeper look into the many areas of curriculum management.

Topics covered:

Creating and Sustaining Respectful, Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environments
Keeping the Image of the Learner in Mind
Curriculum Planning for Purpose
Assessment for/as Learning: But...are They Learning?
Instructional Intelligence in Action
Differentiation: Not in the same way or on the Same Day
Reporting and Communicating to Students and Parents/Guardians

Upcoming Batch: Coming soon
Session Duration: Coming soon

Helping Children with Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that makes social interaction and speech and nonverbal communication challenging with restricted/repetitive behaviors. The level of intellectual functioning in individuals with ASDs varies, ranging from profound impairment to exceptional levels. It is important for teachers and parents of special kids to have a fundamental knowledge about autism so that they are able to identify the symptoms and support them in an academic environment. Join our webinar to know more about ASD and IEP and help autistic kids to shine in life.

Upcoming Date: Coming soon
Session Duration: Coming soon)

Significance of Life Skills in Education

Life skills are a vital part of education as it strengthens the capabilities of an individual to meet the challenges of daily life. As a teacher if you want your learners to grow up to well-rounded individuals then you must impart life skill education to them. This will not only make them self-aware but they can be productive members of the society. Life skills build confidence in learners and help them find new ways of thinking and problem solving. Every educator must have a good understanding of how to inculcate life skills in their learners especially in today’s highly competitive globalized world where they can develop a sense of self, learn to empathize fellow beings and live harmoniously in the society.

Topics covered

  • Understanding life skills that enable to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life
  • Need for life skills in education
  • Types and application of life skills
  • How to teach and prepare lesson plan based on life skills
  • Benefits and importance of life skills in education

Upcoming Date: Coming soon
Session Duration: Coming soon

Trainer: Ms. Ruby Verghese
Ms. Ruby Verghese (M.A. B.Ed.) with 15 years of teaching experience. Presently, she is the vice-principal of a reputed school in Mumbai. Recipient of “The Best Teacher Award” by Navi Mumbai’s Major City Foundation 2016 and the “Best District Teacher” by Science Olympiad Foundation.

Collaborative Learning

The role of today’s educators is that of facilitators and less of expert transmitters of knowledge. Teachers who use collaborative learning approaches tend to provide a stimulating intellectual experience for the students as collaborative learning (CL) is an emergent educational approach to teach a group of students working in pairs or small groups to discuss concepts or find solutions to problems. Research shows that collaborative learning is an active, engaging, and constructive process which actually leads to effective learning. Collaborative learning activities immerse students in challenging tasks or questions. It also increases student retention and promotion of student-teacher interaction and develops in students higher order reasoning and problem-solving skills. So, if you are a teacher you must include collaborative learning in your classes for efficacious learning outcomes. Join our webinar to know some collaborative learning strategies.

Learning Outcome: Understand how we can create a collaborative learning environment

What is collaborative learning?
Why should we use collaborative learning strategies in the classroom?
What are the barriers to the successful implementation of collaborative learning in schools?
What is the role of the teacher in a collaborative learning environment?
What activities can teachers use to introduce collaborative learning into the classroom?
What are some collaborative learning activities that teachers can use in the classroom?

Upcoming Date: Coming soon
Session Duration: Coming soon
Trainer: Mr. Robert Blease : BA Hons - University of York, M Ed - University of Manchester, PGCE - Bath Spa University, an education advisor with 25 years’ teaching, teacher training and school evaluation experience with institutions in Europe, Asia and Middle East.