Masters in TEFL

What we offer?

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is offering Masters in TEFL, an advanced course, that is aimed at those willing to gather an in-depth knowledge regarding Teaching English as a Foreign Language or is already associated with EFL/ESL teaching and want to upgrade their skills. The Masters course is designed in a thorough manner that is research based and provides the candidates with a detailed understanding of TEFL teaching and methods. Aspirants looking forward to a career as an efficient EFL/ESL teacher are keen in expanding their knowledge of linguistics and understanding the same. It equips the potential teachers with a varied range of professional skills and latest approaches of teaching students around the globe.

The advanced Masters Course imparts an improved level of expertise to the wannabe teachers, who will teach basic skills of English language to non-native learners for the first time. The skills include reading, writing, speaking and listening to make the learners competent in English communication. The Masters course delves deeper into the world of TEFL and its methods and acquaints the aspirants with enough confidence and proficiency, making them aware of the varied teaching techniques, classroom management and lesson planning.

Mode of learning

Asian College of Teachers offers Masters in TEFL in an online mode. Online programs are becoming a rage lately and come with the flexibility to pursue the course according to the convenience of the candidates.

Online TEFL certification is an attractive feature for working professionals willing to pursue the course while continue working. The Online TEFL Course offers the highest quality of TEFL training at a much less cost for a professional certification level.

Duration of the course

The online TEFL Masters course is of 1year duration that will help the aspiring EFL/ESL teachers to acquire the latest TEFL teaching methods. The online course offers much flexibility to the candidates as it can be pursued from any corner of the world. Furthermore, it will also allow the candidates to teach and travel across the globe and explore diverse cultures which act as a major draw for this profession.

Course Fee

The online certificate in TEFL Course provides a thorough idea to the candidates about the latest techniques used in EFL/ESL teaching. Aspirants can pursue the course at a reasonable course fee of 1,50,000/- INR (18% GST as applicable) for an online mode of learning. Teaching abroad is a quite a challenging but rewarding job. The high-quality training on the EFL/ESL teaching techniques allows a wannabe candidate to find a job at his/her dream location and helps the candidate to adapt to the future TEFL classroom with much confidence and be capable of to pass the knowledge of English to the budding young and adult learners.

Who can do this course?

The online Masters in TEFL Course is open to any teaching aspirant with a graduation degree. Any aspiring as well as working/experienced teachers or working professionals looking for a change in the course of their career with a desire to enter the field of EFL teaching are eligible to enrol in the course. Enrolling in the Masters in TEFL course will pave the way to exotic locations across the world. TEFL guarantees expert development for candidates with a globally recognized certificate with which the successful candidates may look forward to a full time teaching career.

Eligibility for the Course

The minimum criterion for enrolling in the course is graduation; any candidate from any background can opt for the course provided that they have zeal for teaching students from any background or culture. Students become eligible for the Research module based on their post-graduate Diploma grades and performance. A passion for travelling and the ability to adapt to any environment wherever the candidate will go to teach will prove beneficial to the candidate in the long run.