About the Locations


TEFL Program, Kolkata


Asian college of teachers offers you an In-Class TEFL Course in the city of joy that is known for its rich culture, literature, films, drama, and literary geniuses. The 3-week in-class TEFL Course in Kolkata is an extensive course imparting knowledge about the ESL or EFL teaching methodologies and also providing an excellent opportunity to practice teaching in Kolkata local schools. Read more


TEFL Program, Kochi


Also known as the “Pearl of Arabian Sea”, Kochi with its untouched natural beauty and marvelous backwaters is the perfect place to pursue your TEFL course. The 3 weeks TEFL program in the coastal state will impart knowledge to candidates about the various methodologies and techniques of teaching English and help them to get placed by ACT in the beautiful city of Kochi. Read more

TEFL Program, Bangalore


With beautiful parks, malls, and monuments, India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore is a prominent destination for pursuing TEFL. Asian College of Teachers has chosen the city to offer In-Class TEFL course because of its advancing information technology, rapid industrial development, and a growing number of young professionals. The TEFL course in Bangalore will help candidates to adapt ESL/EFL teaching techniques and develop a successful TEFL career. Read more


TEFL Program, Bangkok


Bangkok is an ultra-modern city that never fails to attract visitors with its eastern charm, exotic beaches, and happening lifestyle. Pursuing a TEFL course from Bangkok will provide candidates the scope to attend the highly cultural and productive language training session. The city, a tourist hotspot, will also provide the opportunity to adapt the latest TEFL teaching methodologies and also explore the city simultaneously.Read more


TEFL Program,


Delhi, the capital city and the political hub of India with its historical monuments, royal museums, and art galleries can be an ideal destination for pursuing TEFL. The 3-week in-class TEFL course arranged by Asian College of Teachers teaches you the modern and effective TEFL teaching techniques and provides you the scope to travel around the beautiful city and its neighbors simultaneously. Read more


TEFL Program, Mumbai


Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is also considered the fashion capital and financial powerhouse of India. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and is home to the creative Indian film industry. The 3 weeks in-class TEFL course in Mumbai will provide Read more

TEFL Program, Hyderabad


Hyderabad, one of the most populous cities is known for its technology and modern infrastructure but also represents the charm of ancient history and the bygone era. The city boasts about its historical blend and modern development along with its rich culture, lifestyle, and food. An in-class TEFL course from Hyderabad will prepare you with the teaching methodologies and develop your TEFL career. Read more


TEFL Program, Chennai


Chennai is a developed South Indian city, filled up with multiple places of worship and growing industries. Pursuing a TEFL course from Chennai will open up multiple doors of opportunity and help you develop your TEFL career. The 3-week In-Class TEFL course by Asian College Of Teachers will equip candidates with modern TEFL methodologies and open doors of opportunities for teaching English abroad.Read more


TEFL Program


Pune is one of the most exciting and interesting places to visit in Maharashtra. The city is known for its cultural past, technological and industrial development and an in-class TEFL course in the city will provide multiple job opportunities. A proper framework of education and more number of educational institutions like school and colleges makes it a perfect place to pursue a TEFL course. Read more


TEFL Program,


Asian College of Teachers is offering an in-class TEFL course in Goa, the coastal state of western India. Goa is popular for its pristine beaches, local festivals, happening nightlife, and is a perfect destination for candidates to pursue the TEFL course. the 3 weeks TEFL program ensures that the learners acquire the various ESL/EFL teaching techniques and succeed in the TEFL industry. Read more

TEFL Program, Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad is the first UNESCO World Heritage City and the commercial hub of the western state of Gujarat. The city attracts tourists from all over the world for its age-old architecture evident in old mosques and mausoleums. Pursuing the 3-week in-class TEFL from Ahmedabad will definitely prepare candidates with the latest TEFL teaching techniques and also help them in building their teaching career abroad. Read more


TEFL Program, Chandigarh


Chandigarh, the capital of the northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, is one of the ideal places to pursue a TEFL course. The 120 hrs in-class TEFL course prepares the candidates with modern TEFL teaching methodologies and techniques so that they can face any classroom full of students. It will also open several doors of opportunities for teaching English abroad. Read more