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How To Fund Your Travels In Asia While Teaching English In Abroad?

13th June 2022

An individual’s passion for people, culture, and languages inspire them to travel to various countries and locations across the globe. Funding travels in Asia while teaching English abroad is possible if you decide to teach and inspire others in countries requiring certified and trained EFL/ESL educators. With a focus on transportation and ecotourism, while traveling and researching, there lies a great opportunity to do something that is your passion: traveling and learning.

With a growing global demand for English teachers, there are ample teaching opportunities available in countries across the globe for fresh graduates and certified teachers. Now, the catch is, for teaching English you have two options: either choose to move to a new country to stay and teach there or live anywhere and experience life by teaching English online.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the ways to make live your 2022 travel dreams by teaching English.

How can you travel and make money at the same time by teaching English to speakers of other languages?

  • Get qualified by doing an online TEFL course
  • Reflect and decide if you want to teach abroad or online
  • Seal your position as a teacher in a convenient location where you want to travel
  • Earn and grow your travel fund while working as an EFL/ESL teacher
  • Take off on your much-awaited travel adventure

Complete an accredited TEFL program

The first step toward teaching English abroad or online is getting TEFL certified from an accredited institute.

With a university degree, you are already qualified for several job opportunities. But, if you want to have an edge over your competitors, you’ll need to get certified in EFL/ESL teaching to find the best teaching jobs abroad.

With a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject), getting a TEFL certification is quite simple. A BA in any subject is the main eligibility criteria for any good TEFL certification program.

Choose between a teaching job abroad or an online teaching job

Once you’re TEFLcertified, you can start applying for English teaching jobs abroad. But before that, you need to choose which route you want to go. Would you rather choose to live in one place or want the freedom to move around and travel?

 Teach English Abroad in one place

Landing a teaching job abroad means you’ll be working in a particular location for one institute. You’ll spend a few months to a year in one destination as an EFL/ESL teacher, which will provide you ample time to socialise, make local friends, learn their language, and immerse yourself in the culture. Travel-wise, you’ll be able to visit destinations that are nearby from your new home base.

Teach English online from anywhere with Wi-Fi

Opting for an online teaching job implies that you’re not limited to one particular location. Given that you have a strong internet connection, you can work from wherever you like. A very obvious advantage of this is the amount of flexibility it comes with. This way, you can travel through Asia while making money as you go.

When choosing a destination, make sure to consider all the travel experiences you could have and how accessible that particular location is from airports and stations.

Save money for your travels while teaching English.

One of the biggest advantages of teaching English abroad or online is that it allows you to make money while teaching English abroad to fund your travels overseas.

If you decide to be in a location and teach, build up a travel fund from your monthly salary. You can then use that fund for short, local trips on the weekends, or larger trips during school holidays or after your contract ends. How far you can travel will depend on your earnings. Asia is one of the top ESL/EFL recruiters in the world and offers good remuneration to the teachers.

But if you are teaching English online, you have two options to fund your travels:

  1. You can teach online from home and save up a travel fund. Then opt for short or long trips when you feel like it.
  2. You can make money while traveling by teaching English online. Though it is not a way to save money, a good way to fund your travels while you’re on the go.

If online teaching sounds ideal to you, you can begin by gauging the amount you can make teaching online before you plan your Asia trip. Else, if willing to teach abroad, don’t forget to check out the cost of living in different countries to get a fair idea of the expenses.

Plan your trip and live your dreams of travelling

Once you’ve worked out the kind of TEFL job that best suits your travel plans, start planning the details. First of all, get enrolled in a TEFL course and get certified before applying for jobs online. The best place to start is at the Teaching Job World where numerous teaching jobs abroad are posted regularly.

Once you’ve found your choice of jobs in your preferred location, consider the lifestyle and cost preferences. Different schools may offer different salaries, vacation days, and working hours. Contemplate what will work for you and your travel plans, so you can find the best option for you.

Funding your travels in Asia while teaching English abroad is a fun and rewarding profession, driven by a passion for travelling, learning, and teaching. So, gear up and get to know Asia and its natural wonders. It’s a vast and fascinating continent teeming with surprises and has a lot to offer. The crowd, delicious food, diverse learners, temples, religious diversity, and lots more. Asia is full of surprises and the best is yet to come. All the best for your dream job and a great journey!

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