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High-Powered Books For Teaching English Language As A Foreign Language

23rd September 2022

English is one of the most common languages that are not only spoken but are also taught in a whole lot of countries. English language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and thus is related to most other languages spoken in Europe and Western Asia from Iceland to India.

The English language is most commonly known as the ‘Common Tongue’, regarded as the ‘Universal Language’of one of the most powerful mediums of the universe that is the ‘Internet’ language too. Teaching and learning English can be favourable for both the learner and teacher at the same point.

Below are listed a total of some books that are considered most important to teach English as a Foreign Language -

  • The Practice Of Teaching English Language By Jeremy Harmer – This is another best book to teach English Language as fluid as possible. It explains the current language pedagogy system and provides one to access relevant ELT practices and incorporating them into the lesson. It gives one huge insight into teaching ideas and strategies for teaching as well as learning.

The book also comes along with a DVD which includes techniques and videos with teacher’s tasks and interviews. The book can be availed at a price of Rs. 3572/- and it can be of a great use to teachers, academics planning or chalking out ways to teach English as a Foreign Language ahead. This is one of the highly recommended best book to teach English.

  • Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Language By David Nunan – The next in the list is teach English as a foreign Language who has inspired countless TESOL educators. The book indulges in providing introduction in teaching English to speakers of other languages. It gives insights into teaching techniques and procedures. It explains theories and complex theories related to teaching in a clear and very comprehensive manner. It also provides one with illustrations of theoretical constructs including classroom vignettes that introduce language teaching in action. This is usually pushed to be claimed as a perfect guide to teach English as a foreign language.

Learning Another Language Through Actions by James J. Asher – James J. Asher founded the TPR i,e the Total Physical Response Methodology in language learning. The book helps students along with teachers to comprehend and recognize English faster with actions.

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The book may be a bit outdated in his technologically advanced world but some of the methods are still relevant today. In a situation like this both the students and teachers will enjoy TPR lessons learning. In this unique way the teachers will also invent and re-invent their teaching methods and discover what they can and can’t.

  • Easy TEFL guide to teaching English as a foreign language by T.S Seifert – The easy TEFL guide to teaching English as a foreign language by T.S Seifert is another majorly helpful and insightful book that can both stand out as a boon to the teacher and student as learners at the cross joints.

It is a complete all in one ESL teaching book useful for teachers in totality for TEFL. It gives the trainers a complete and comprehensive insight as to how much to teach reading, writing, pronunciation, listening, speaking along with other ESL sub-skills.

To end with English language is the most common language that is known worldwide and also attempted to be taught. As a foreign language English Language is an elite choice and has countless students worldwide to be catered to. To teach English as a foreign languagemore than anything, a trainer needs to have Ian in-class TEFL certification course with a prolific command over the fluency and correctness.

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