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Why You Should Consider Making ESL Career In The Hospitality Industry?

27th April 2023

The TEFL industry is growing and the demand for newbie TEFL teachers and experienced teachers is huge. According to the survey, every sector's English proficiency level has a scope for improvement, and that gap TEFL teachers can fill.

There is also a demand for ESL teachers in the hospitality industry as well. Many hotels, resorts, and cruise lines are looking for ways to better serve their international guests. Often, they will hire ESL teachers to help staff members communicate more effectively with guests from other countries.

If you are a newbie TEFL teacher or even an experienced teacher who wants to use teaching skills in the hospitality industry then there are plenty of options like, you can work with individual resorts and hotels to teach every staff to speak fluent English with the international guest or you can help them to develop their own ESL Program as well.

Additionally, you can even work with a company that provides ESL training to every business in the hospitality sector as well.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get to know a newbie TEFL teacher who has completed courses like TESOL Course India or even an experienced teacher, what opportunities lie ahead for them in the hospitality sector, and how they channelize their skillset rightly with the requirement for the hospitality sector.

Everything to Know about Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has the responsibility to be customer-oriented, organized, and efficient so that they can handle every customer's needs and at the same time problem solver as well and all of these tasks requires communication.

Mostly, the hospitality sector needs to deal with international guests and that’s where the demand for ESL teachers comes in who can train and teach every worker in the hospitality industry to communicate fluently with international guests to cater to them properly.

Hospitality businesses either often have their own ESL programs, onsite or online, in order to better serve their international guests. ESL teachers who are familiar with the hospitality industry can be incredibly valuable in these programs, providing corporate training and language instruction to professionals in the field.

Benefits For Newbie TEFL Teachers in Hospitality Industry

1. Teaching in the hospitality industry can be a rewarding career choice. For those who are passionate about languages and feel satisfied by making a difference in people’s lives, there is no better place to be.

2. Many hospitality companies offer great job opportunities like training and development opportunities, job security, high salaries, and potential for career growth. For both full-time and part-time ESL teachers.

3. One of the biggest benefits for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers working in the hospitality industry is that their teaching skills are greatly appreciated by the management both in terms of salary and in terms of respect.

4. Teaching in the hospitality industry opens the door to many job opportunities.

Like traditional classroom instruction to staff for communicating properly, individual trainers, or even creating online courses.

Requirements for teaching in the hospitality industry

Working as an ESL teacher in the hospitality industry requires certain qualifications and certifications. In general, most hospitality companies require candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in language instruction or teaching, along with certification by pursuing “TESOL Courses India” like courses from a recognized institution.

In addition, many hospitality companies also prefer that candidates have a valid teaching certification, be familiar with computer programs such as Microsoft Office, and understand basic industry-related terms. This ensures that ESL teachers are able to provide the best possible language instruction to their students.

What To Expect as an ESL Teacher in Hospitality Industry?

As an ESL teacher in the hospitality industry, you can expect to be an integral member of their team. You will be tasked with providing language training to hospitality workers, helping them to understand and use English with confidence. In addition to providing language instruction, you can also provide workers with cultural instruction about how to respond to customers and generally how to be successful.

You can expect to use a variety of teaching methods as an ESL teacher in the hospitality industry and you can use different interactive exercises like role-play and discussion to improve staff language skills. Additionally, you can give one-to-one assistance as well to learners who need extra attention.

How to get started teaching in the hospitality industry?

If you’re willing to make an ESL teaching career in the hospitality industry then you must need to keep certain things in mind.

1. Firstly, the most important thing to have is you need to be a holder of a TEFL/TESOL certificate which you can secure by pursuing courses like TESOL Course India, which will make you eligible to teach English anywhere around the world in any sector.

2. You just need to have a proper knowledge of the hospitality sector because the industry is quite dynamic and it’s changing very rapidly. This will give you the edge compared to others and it will help you to educate and train the individuals in the hospital industry properly.

3. You must be confident in your skill of teaching that you must be creative and patient to train the learners successfully.

Hospitality Industry is filled with Opportunities for newbie TEFL teachers

In general, Hospitality industry is huge and has plenty of opportunities to offer for the upcoming newbie TEFL teachers and for experienced teachers as well. Largely, hotels and resorts play a major role in the hospitality industry which always needs to deal with international guests which require every staff to communicate in English properly and many hotels, and resorts hire TEFL teachers directly or through an organization.

Therefore, if you have completed courses like TESOL Course India and looking to make a career in the hospitality sector then you’re in the perfect era, because there’s a huge demand in this sector for TEFL teachers all around the globe.

All you need to have is TEFL/TESOL certified, proper knowledge about the hospitality industry, and confidence in your skill set to train all the staff to improve their language skill, then you’re good to go.

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