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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Landing An English Teaching Job In Vietnam Without A Degree

17th May 2023

Travelers all around the world have visions of waking up on a Southeast Asian beachfront fringed by palm trees or misty mountains. This is one of the main reasons why a TEFL course is gaining immense popularity in recent days as it allows you to experience all the natural beauties while earning some extra bucks.

On that note, Vietnam is also getting listed high up in the agenda of TEFL graduates as it offers both highlands and coastlines. Apart from these it also has buzzing cities and enthralling ancient history. However, one question that often crosses aspirants’ minds is whether they can start teaching in Vietnam without a degree. If you are also struggling with the same, this is your guide.

Do I Need A Degree To Teach English in Vietnam?

Without a degree, it may be more challenging to secure positions at established language institutions or schools in Vietnam. It is a minimum requirement and if you look at any job posts, you will always find Bachelor's degree being listed. Since most teachers are required to work with young kids; you need to necessary skills and knowledge to teach them. So technically, you can do away with a degree.

Vietnam Higher Education Market

But if you consider a parent's point of view, no one will want to leave the future of their kids in the hands of an uneducated teacher. Well, a degree might just be a piece of paper but serves as an essential document to prove your worth, at least in the teaching field. Apart from this schools also use degrees as a component to filter out multiple applicants for the same position. Additionally, there is one major thing you must know and that is, the degree is not just a requirement without a purpose. You need to get a work permit since you cannot be issued one without a degree and it is a legal requirement for foreign teachers in Vietnam. With that being said, the answer to your question is YES, you do need a degree to teach in Vietnam, legally.

Wait, I Have A TEFL Certificate, Do I Still Need A Degree?

Now this can also be a major source of confusion. But the simple answer is YES! Most organizations require at least 120 hours of TEFL certification to be allowed to teach in Vietnam. You will see some of the schools also include an IELTS or TOEFL score for non-native English speakers, but if you have a 120 hours TEFL or higher, you can do away without the scores. So, if you are not willing to invest your time and money in a full-fledged degree, you must at least consider getting TEFL qualified.

Basic Requirements To Teach English In Vietnam

Having discussed the most challenging queries, here is a rundown of the basic prerequisites to be allowed to teach in Vietnam:

  • At least 120 hours of TEFL certification
  • A Bachelor's degree in any field from a reputed organization
  • Native English speaker or native-level fluency
  • Pass a clean background and health check
  • Must be between 21-60 years of age

Few Avenues To Explore For Teaching In Vietnam

These institutions often have specific hiring criteria that prioritize applicants with relevant qualifications.

1. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is one avenue that allows individuals without formal qualifications to teach English in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese students, professionals, and parents are keen to improve their English language skills, and they are willing to pay for private lessons. As a private tutor, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule, choose your students, and negotiate your rates. This approach allows you to gain teaching experience, develop your skills, and build a reputation within the local community.

2. Off-Beat Locations

Another option is to explore opportunities in rural areas or smaller cities where the demand for English teachers is often higher. In these locations, schools may have more relaxed requirements and are willing to hire teachers without formal qualifications.

This can be a great way to gain teaching experience while immersing yourself in the local culture and lifestyle.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is yet another avenue to consider. Many non-profit organizations and community centers in Vietnam welcome English-speaking volunteers to assist with language instruction.

While these positions are usually unpaid, they provide an opportunity to make a positive impact and gain teaching experience.

It is crucial to mention that although it might be possible to teach English in Vietnam without a degree or TEFL, having these qualifications can open doors to a wider range of teaching opportunities. A degree, especially in English or education-related fields, demonstrates a certain level of expertise and commitment to teaching. A TEFL certification equips you with valuable teaching techniques, classroom management skills, and an understanding of second language acquisition. These qualifications can give you a competitive edge in the job market and may lead to higher-paying positions at reputable institutions.

Widen Your Teaching Horizon With Vietnam

Being able to teach English in Vietnam without a degree in TEFL is often a point of concern for most aspirants. While there is no correct answer to that, it is always advisable to possess the required credentials for legal purposes. So, make sure you have a tip-top application and are future-ready to set foot in your dream country.

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