International 400 Hour PG Diploma in TEFL


What we offer?

The International PG diploma in TEFL course by Asian College of Teachers is an exclusive and rigorous online course including both TEFL Certificate course, 60 Hrs of YLTT, 60 Hrs of BETT, with 60 Hrs of Train the Trainer, 60 Hrs of Ed Management and 40 Hrs Special Education. The course is particularly designed keeping in mind the requirements of experienced professionals associated with teaching/training.

This PG Diploma in TEFL certification can be pursued by TEFL professionals who are looking for thorough knowledge in the field of TEFL and impart knowledge to learners of varied age groups, along with a proper knowledge on Trainer Training, Education Management and Special Education.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 400 hours. The International 400 hour PG diploma in TEFL course is of 1.5 years and can also be completed in fast track mode. The course is quite flexible and the candidates can go for an in-depth study if they want to. The PG diploma in TEFL certification course can be availed through online mode and thus candidates can pursue it from any corner of the world. A computer and unlimited internet connection is all that is required to pursue the course. The course is quite flexible and one can get the benefit of pursuing the course from any corner of the world.

Course Fee

ACT’s International PG Diploma in TEFL course is an extensive course designed to equip the candidates with practical teaching skills and thorough understanding of TEFL methods. You can avail the course through online mode at a reasonable fee of 34000 INR*. Basic computer skills and an internet connection is all that you require to pursue the online course and gain some knowledge to educate the learners. The course boosts up your confidence level so that they do not face any problem while teaching/training and managing individuals from around the world.

34000 INR 750 USD 600 GBP 25700 THB

* Taxes as applicable

1-day Classroom Session & Teaching Practice

⦿The online TEFL courses from ACT will not only prepare you with the latest learner-centric teaching skills and knowledge required by an efficient EFL/ESL teacher but make you confident enough to face any global classroom. The online TEFL/TESOL courses by ACT have been designed keeping in mind the requirements and necessities of both aspiring and working EFL/ESL teachers.
⦿The online courses include a 1- day Classroom Session & Teaching Practice which is an important aspect when preparing as a teacher. Peer teaching helps to develop content knowledge and also provides trainees with a real time teaching experience. Teaching Practice is necessary for the aspirants as it provides them the required teaching experience, increases confidence, provides a grip on classroom management skills along with other benefits.
⦿The 1-day Classroom Session & Teaching Practice is a compulsory session for all our online TEFL students based in India.
⦿A video providing instructions will be sent to all the trainees before the Classroom Session & Teaching Practice begins.
⦿The Peer Teaching and Observation session will take 30 minutes’ from each trainee.
⦿Each Peer Teaching session will be recorded and evaluated and then a proper feedback will be mailed to the trainees along with the video.


The course is mostly suitable for those who want to teach English efficiently and want to make a mark in the ESL teaching industry as well as for training and education administration and management. The course will be an added benefit for those who are experienced as this qualification will prove their efficiency in the modern teaching and training environment.

The International 400 hour PG diploma in TEFL course is quite extensive where the trainees gain confidence and get equipped with the latest methodologies of effective language teaching in today’s all-inclusive classrooms, corporate training as well as education management.


⦿On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
⦿ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
⦿Successful TEFL students can get an exclusive TESOL Canada Certificate after successfully appearing for the TESOL Canada Board exam by paying an extra exam fee.
⦿TESOL Canada Certificate can be Notarized, Apostle, Attested by Embassy of India in Ottawa or Washington
⦿TESOL Canada Certificates can be signed and sealed by UAE Embassy in USA or Canada
⦿Certificates can be authenticated by Canada - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USA
⦿ACT is a Cambridge authorized TKT Centre and all our students can sit for Teaching Knowledge Test and earn their Cambridge Certificate. Exams are conducted all over India. These tests can be availed by paying an extra fee and are globally accepted for any teaching job.

The candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) on successful completion of TEFL PG Diploma course. ACT’s TEFL courses are accredited by the world’s largest accrediting body, TESOL Canada - an international association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial Representatives across Canada with both national and international representatives. TESOL Canada programs are approved by the Ministry of Employment, Human Resources Development Canada HRDC, and authenticated through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use.

The certificate awarded has an extra advantage as the word “Online” will not be mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional fee. Generally after the submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, the candidates need to pay the dispatch fee. After that the institute takes the respective shipping address and contact number of the candidate to courier the certificate. It will take a maximum 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the designated address.

Cambridge TKT Exam

About Cambridge TKT Examination *
Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the leader in teacher education in Asia is now the authorised centre for conducting Cambridge TKT Exam all over India. TKT is the acronym for Teaching Knowledge Test and is conducted by Cambridge, which tests your basic teaching knowledge.

The test comprises three core modules, with one test for each. Cambridge English certificates are provided after the completion of each module. Each modular test has 80 questions and continues for 80 minutes and may be taken together or separately, in any order of the candidate's preference. All authorised TKT centres are inspected by Cambridge English Language Assessment ensuring that the centres meet their high standards.

Teaching Knowledge Test or TKT is appropriate for aspirants who are eager to develop themselves as a teacher, and have little or no knowledge of the modern English teaching methodologies and approaches; the TKT test will certainly boost their teaching career and give it a solid start. All they have to do is to register and take as many modules as they want, over any time period. They will receive a Cambridge English certificate for each module they complete.

*This examination is conducted only in India.
Cambridge TKT Examination Fee
One module (without preparation):
Rs. 4750 ( additional dispatch fee applicable)
One module (with preparation):
Rs 7,750 (additional dispatch fee applicable)
Candidates will have the option to choose more than one exam module and they can avail a discount of Rs 500 from the 2nd exam module onward.
Cambridge TKT Examination Dates: Coming soon


Part 1: Language and Background to Language and Teaching
Part 2: Background to Language Learning
Part 3 - Background to Language Teaching


Part 1: Planning and Preparing a Lesson or Sequence of Lessons
Part 2: Selection and Use of Resources


Part 1: Teacher's and Learner's Language in the Classroom
Part 2: Classroom Management

TKT CLIL (Content and language Integrated Learning) MODULE Part 2 :

Lesson Preparation
Lesson Delivery

TKT YL (Young Learners) MODULE

The learning and development of young learners
planning lessons for young learners
teaching strategies, practice activities and resources used to support and challenge language learning in young learners.

Choose your Cambridge TKT Module

You can opt for TKT Module 1, TKT Module 2, TKT Module 3, TKT CLIL and TKT YL if you are pursuing PG Diploma in TEFL course

Support for Course

The candidate will be provided full guidance from the experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers on enrolment for International P G Diploma in TEFL course. The experienced tutors will provide help and support to the candidates at each step for achieving their learning goals. The tutors provide support by sharing important knowledge and providing answers to questions from the course content.

Since the International PG Diploma in TEFL course by ACT is a flexible course, candidates can learn at their own pace and clear all doubts as and when required. The tutors are available via email and online chatting between 10 am and 6 pm and the candidates can solve any course related issues with them.


⦿ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA.
⦿All TEFL courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
⦿ TEFL Courses from ACT are also accredited by CPD Certification Service UK
⦿All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education

Certificates can be authenticated by Accreditation which is a process which plays an important role for an educational institution as it is all about meeting the set standards of quality and is an on-going evaluation which encourages constant improvement. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL International PG Diploma aims at those who are planning a career in EFL/ESL teaching and keen on exploring different cultures while they teach and travel abroad.

All our TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA and the candidates get the option of appearing in the TESOL Board exam and receiving prestigious TESOL Canada and TESOL USA certificates notarized, attested and apostle by US and Canadian Government and Embassy of UAE and India. The certificates are globally recognized making the candidates eligible for better ESL/EFL job opportunities.