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Landing Your Dream TEFL Job Without Any Fear The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Job Scams

5th June 2024

So, you have completed your TEFL certification and the next step is to land your dream TEFL teaching job and travel to your favourite destination and teach English online or in the institute. However, the process of landing your dream TEFL job is not that simple and you might TEFL job scams.

To avoid it, there are certain criteria that you need to keep in mind to make your TEFL job-hunting experience smooth. There’s no doubt that the TEFL job market is full of opportunities but various job scams are happening in the TEFL teaching market.

If you are also having the same doubts on how to avoid TEFL job scams abroad and online, then we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the effective strategies to avoid TEFL job scams abroad and online which can help you to navigate landing your dream TEFL teaching job successfully.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Common Facts To Check For TEFL Job Scam

Let’s get to know how to identify the TEFL job scam abroad:

Asking for Upfront Payment

When you are applying for any TEFL job and if they are asking for upfront payment for the job, then it’s a sign of a TEFL job scam. The sign of legit TEFL job opportunities is that they also involve various training and workshops for free and they don’t charge any money.

No-Disclosement of Salary

One of the signs of a TEFL job scam is that it doesn’t disclose the salary package or the salary is too good to be true to accept. Make sure before going to teach to your favourite destination or online, you have an idea of how much you are going to earn.

Non-Trustable Official Website

While applying for any TEFL teaching job, don’t forget to check the institute or organization's official website. If you found the website sketchy and not trustworthy, then most probably that job post is a scam. The legit job post will always contain the school's physical address and contact details.

No Reviews

If you can’t find any reviews from other teachers or students on platforms like- Glassdoor about the hiring institute or organization then there’s a high chance that the job is fake. Additionally, if you also find too good to be true reviews then it’s also a sign of fake job posting.

How To Know TEFL Job Abroad or Online Is Legitimate?

Let’s get to know several factors that can help you to know whether a TEFL job abroad or Online is legitimate or not:

Structured Process

To bag any TEFL teaching job you have to go through several structured processes. Below we have shared the structured process of landing a legitimate TEFL job-

  • Apply Application To fill
  • Have to submit the proof of TEFL certification to check the certificate’s authenticity
  • Having a scheduled interview
  • Have to teach a demo lesson

Proper Website With Details

Institute/Organisation has a well-built website and proper contact details. The website may also contain an FAQ section, which covers almost all the doubts of aspiring TEFL candidates

Proper Salary

While you’re applying abroad you can expect a proper monthly salary and at least a one-year contract. On the other hand, for an online TEFL teaching job opportunity, you can expect a teaching contract for up to 6 months or more. The salary in both modes will be sufficient to cover the cost of living in the destination where you will teach.

Hiring Process Takes Time

If you are applying for any reputable and legitimate institute/organization abroad then you can expect your application process to take up to several months. The hiring process will never be rushed.

Work as an Independent Contractor

Whether you choose to work as an online ESL teacher or teaching English abroad, in legit jobs you will be working as an independent contractor. This means you will paid for taking class on a per-head basis. Keep in mind that you need to send invoices and pay taxes on your own, so make sure that all of the facts are mentioned in the contract.

Avoiding TEFL Job Scams Abroad and Online Has Become Easier

There are plenty of legitimate TEFL teaching jobs around the world and online. However, there are also various TEFL job scams in the TEFL industry. You can avoid TEFL Job scams abroad and online with the above-mentioned helpful tips and land your desired TEFL teaching job in your favourite destination.

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