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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Landing An English Teaching Job In Vietnam Without A Degree

17th May 2023

Whether or not you can teach English in Vietnam is a vexing question and even though you can find a lot of information online, it might not always be accurate. It might be possible that a sizable portion of what you have discovered might be outdated or written by someone who has got all the facts wrong. Keep reading on to be able to differentiate between facts and myths and live your dream of teaching in Vietnam. ...

Written By : Sanjana Share

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Why You Should Consider Making ESL Career In The Hospitality Industry?

27th April 2023

Have you just completed “TESOL Course India” like courses and have a keen interest to make a career in the hospitality sector? Explore our informative guide to know what to expect in the hospitality sector and how you can achieve success as a TEFL teacher as well. ...

Written By : Abhishek Share

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5 Creative Steps To Create An Impressive Teaching Portfolio And Advance Your Career!

7th April 2023

As an educator, you are constantly learning and evolving your methods to maximize student engagement in the classroom. But if you’re looking for a new teaching job, how do you demonstrate your abilities outside of the core classroom experience? A teaching portfolio is often the answer! Explore our guide to know how to create it effectively. ...

Written By : Abhishek Share

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Do You Need To Learn A Second Language As A TEFL Teacher Or Not?

2nd December 2022

Did you recently become a TEFL Teacher? Are you concerned about how you can teach English abroad effectively? And you’re confused about whether you need to learn a second language of that or not? Then don’t fret we have a complete guide on whether you need to learn a second language or not. Moreover, if you choose to learn it how you can do that and what are their benefits? ...

Written By : Abhishek Share

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High-Powered Books For Teaching English Language As A Foreign Language

23rd September 2022

Teaching a language that is as common as English has various techniques and formats which depends on the trainers at large. ‘700 classroom activities’ is another book that is boon for the English teaching world. It provides huge instant repertoire of teaching ideas including both classroom classics. In fact, all ELT teachers come to know it and love. ...

Written By : Srija Mukherjee Share

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An Exclusive Teach English Online Guide For Indian Passport-Holders

29th July 2022

Are you an Indian passport-holder who wantsto teach English online? Not sure where to start? We have prepared an exclusive guide for you. Read this to discover the basic online teaching requirements. ...

Written By : Neha Sharma Share

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