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Do You Need To Learn A Second Language As A TEFL Teacher Or Not?

2nd December 2022

Did you recently become a TEFL Teacher? Are you concerned about how you can teach English abroad effectively? And you’re confused about whether you need to learn a second language of that or not? Then don’t fret we have a complete guide on whether you need to learn a second language or not. Moreover, if you choose to learn it how you can do that and what are their benefits? ...

Written By : Abhishek Share

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High-Powered Books For Teaching English Language As A Foreign Language

23rd September 2022

Teaching a language that is as common as English has various techniques and formats which depends on the trainers at large. ‘700 classroom activities’ is another book that is boon for the English teaching world. It provides huge instant repertoire of teaching ideas including both classroom classics. In fact, all ELT teachers come to know it and love. ...

Written By : Srija Mukherjee Share

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An Exclusive Teach English Online Guide For Indian Passport-Holders

29th July 2022

Are you an Indian passport-holder who wantsto teach English online? Not sure where to start? We have prepared an exclusive guide for you. Read this to discover the basic online teaching requirements. ...

Written By : Neha Sharma Share

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You'll Miss The Opportunity If You Don't Ask These 5 Questions In The Interview

12th July 2022

Doesn’t matter if you’re set to begin your ESL career or already have prior ESL teaching experience, there are certain conversation questions that you should ask the recruiter. You can divide the questions into various categories like Work culture, Career engagement, Housing and other perks, and the Salary package. ...

Written By : Ruchi Mehta Share

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How To Fund Your Travels In Asia While Teaching English In Abroad?

13th June 2022

Not only does teaching English abroad let people to travel the world but they can also continue to work and earn money simultaneously. Funding travels in Asia while teaching English abroad is possible if you decide to teach and inspire others in countries requiring certified and trained EFL/ESL educator. ...

Written By : Debolina Chakraborty Share

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What Is The Visa Process For Teaching English Abroad?

30th May 2022

If you are planning to move abroad for your teaching career, have you gained information about the procedure of attaining a visa? If not, go through this blog and get informed. ...

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta Share

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